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Learn the skills you need to help your teams achieve impact.

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TeamGrowing is a journey

Companies and organizations start adopting a new mindset. We want to rely more on autonomous, self-governing teams that challenge themselves to have a positive impact.

Teams do not automatically become performing though.

They may require help from leaders and coaches.

These leaders may need training too. You are smart enough to know you are not going to command the team around -  but what do you do instead?

TeamGrowing and the Growth Mindset

Placing teams central and empowering them requires a growth mindset.The belief that you and others can change and achieve more than you believe. That you have enormous potential and that it can be liberated.

This liberation requires a set of skills. Listening instead of talking. Open questions instead of closed ones. Checking for understanding. Focus on the positives, energize, set challenging goals and support your team to bring out their strengths.

To achieve that really great thing: see others grow as human beings. And grow yourself, as a consequence.

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Involve your team

Change is hard, quite often scary as well. Out of your comfort zone.

You want to mobilize the strength of your team to make change easier. A supportive group. Where strengths of one set of people can compensate those of others, and the other way round.

You want to create a learning team where members respect each other, help out when they can, discuss differences openly when they need to.

A supportive team will take away most of the stress of change. If your organization builds supportive teams, it will be able to change faster with less stress for the employees. You can achieve business agility...
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Get people moving

This two-day training is the first step in changing your mindset and that of your team. We will present you skills and techniques to really engage with people and set your team  - and yourself - in motion on a path to become a learning, autonomous and happy team.

We will introduce you to the mindset you need and  to the coaching techniques and interactive exercises you can do with your team.

The training is often an eye-opener, as you will experience the effect of the exercises yourself.

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Inspire your team

You will want more of this, as the results of the 'Set people in motion' training kick in.

The Inspire your Team training, two days, aims at speeding up the team that is set in motion, by setting their goals and sharing the vision and values. We offer additional coaching techniques, other forms of intervision and more exercises to help teams in motion and for more complex situations.

We immerse you again and bring new ways of inspiring and interacting with your teams.

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Coach your team

And there is even more to learn. You can become a team coach, helping other team leaders or scrum masters in changing the company culture toward a more open mindset.

You learn how to help teams grow ever more towards autonomy and self-sufficiency. You want to do this as your job, you believe in the approach of TeamGrowing, and want to be part of the community of TeamGrowing coaches.

This training takes two more days. After the 6 days, you are eligible to certify as team coach.

Lead, coach and help your teams

Become a coaching, servant leader and help your team grow in transparency, customer orientation and caring for each other.