Proven results of the SAFe approach: higher quality and productivity and faster time to market give better business results. Meanwhile, employee satisfaction increases...

What ADJUGO likes about SAFe...

Make no mistake about it: SAFe is not very popular among the real hardcore agile proponents.

What attracted us in the first place are a number of bold and valid statements in SAFe.

1. Base your software development on XP. Now there is an important statement. It is indeed XP that introduced the crucial elements of the great innovation of software development: test-driven, continuous integration, small increments, rigorous refactoring, collective code ownership, pair programming. They work. Applying them is hard work though. Scrum is nice and easy compared to that. SAFe has the guts to go for it. They are right. And they deserve credit for that.

2. Base your 'programs' on Value Streams. ADJUGO has defended this idea before, as central to improving the service to customers and achieve business and IT integration. Here is SAFe proposing it at the core of their approach.

3. SAFe provides answers on 3 different levels (teams, programs and 'portfolio'). This means that the change in a large organisation from the traditional approach to lean-agile is daunting, but still feasible. Scaling up a few successful agile teams to make it a corporate approach is likely to be a slow alternative, if it works at all

For a balanced critical view (not by us), you can check out this blog.

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