Training Lean and agile collaboration for team members (online)

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Lean and agile empower teams

The power of agility is that management and product owners decide what needs to be built, and that the teams decide how they will build it.

Agile teams are multi-functional and self-governing. The product owner is responsible to understand what is value for the customer, the scrum master or agile coach helps the team, but how to perform the work is ultimately up to the team.

Collaboration is the name of the game

The agile team is a collaboration of people with different skills and personalities. We need a functional analyst to work with programmers and testers inside the team, because we want close interaction and fast feedback when building software, or any other product for that matter.

You experience how team collaboration works. How to create a shared view on the objectives of the team and of the product and its value. How to handle requirements and planning in an agile way, keep the feedback loops short, and closely involve the stakeholders.

You are immersed for a day in the agile way of interacting, of tackling problems, of organizing work and of creating value in a continuous flow. Scrum, Kanban, some elements of XP, Design Thinking, we will touch on all of them.

We use interesting and fun exercises to make the learning experience vivid and entertaining. And create an agile mindset and behavior.

Who can benefit from this training ?

For team members who want to learn and experience the agile mindset, the impact of real collaboration, and leave with a set of hands-on practical tools to apply in the team.

For team leads who want to find out how their team could benefit from agile collaboration, and what engaged teams could bring more to the organization. Including an engaged team of team leads.

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From 26/03/2021 09:00
To 26/03/2021 17:00


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