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Your goals

I want my team(s) to:

  • take initiative and decide autonomously

  • achieve innovation

  • be self-organizing

  • function well and achieve its goals

So that I can do my work:

  • focus on the market and the customer

  • deal with changes in context

  • help set company goals

  • ...

These challenges make up the training backlog

  • How NOT to deal with resistance
    (Motivational interviewing, Sergio van der Pluim)
  • Understanding each other’s strengths and pitfalls
    (Personality Styles according to DISC, inspired by Merrick Rosenberg’s book High Flyers)
  • How to change, when change is hard
    (The rider and elephant model, inspiring nine change strategies from Chip and Dan Heath’s Book Switch!)
  • Cross-team collaboration
    (We investigate cross-team dynamics in the Saboteur simulation)
  • Professional development and knowledge sharing
    (Getting Started with the Skills Compass)
  • Roles and hand-offs
    (We investigate the effectiveness of hand-offs in the Kapla simulation)
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

We also work on

  • Exchanging knowledge with participants from other organizations;
  • Facilitating and coaching teams (virtually);
  • The effect of positive coaching on team learning;
  • The Lean and Agile philosophy behind team learning;
  • Increasing ownership and employee participation;
  • Initiating and maintaining an improvement process led by the team(s).


From 13/12/2021 09:00
To 14/12/2021 17:00


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