Enable change, do not enforce it: meet 9 strategies at our free meetup

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Free Meetup:

Enable change, do not enforce it: discover 9 strategies to convince your team to change

We welcome you at this Meetup, from 17:45 on. Come as you are, bring who you want, and share and enjoy the experience. Please register first, at the top of this page.

For more information, you can contact Karen at kdeboeck@adjugo.com or 0497/05.36.16.

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Change is a constant

The world is changing forever faster, no news there.

Enforcing change does not lead to sustainable change, that is becoming clear as well.

In this workshop, you experience 9 strategies in 3 angles of impact. Nourished by cases of the participants, we explore the different strategies, make them concrete in a range of techniques, and discover how to make a choice between them.

You learn how to incorporate the change strategy and techniques into your day-to-day work. Discover how you can adapt the strategy according to the goal, the audience or phase of the change.

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What is in it for you ?

Bring your own cases, and we will explore together which approach to choose and how to apply it, for a specific change initiative or in your daily work.

The format of the overall workshop is applicable as an intervision technique, to reflect and improve in a team of peers how to increase your impact in a change.

Fill your backpack with 9 hands-on, immediately applicable strategies to realize an important change

 Based on the bestseller of Chip & Dan Heath “Change when change is hard”.

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  • Intro

  • Exploration of 9 strategies in 3 angles of impact, to help you realize sustainable change

  • Break

  • Deep dive into immediately applicable techniques and work formats to apply the different strategies

  • Plenary wrap-up

  • Networking

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Practical information

The meetup takes place in Kortrijk, at the Fluvius office (President Kennedypark 12, 8500   Kortrijk) and is free. You must register all participants by using the registration module above, because of the security rules at Fluvius. We thank Fluvius for being the co-host of this event.

A meetup means that everyone can come, as you are, and participate as you want. So feel free to invite friends and colleagues to come as well!

You are welcome from 17:45. After the session, we will have some drinks and can socialize...

ADJUGO sponsors the Agile and Lean Transformations meetup.


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Fluvius Regio Kortrijk
President Kennedypark 12
8500 Kortrijk


From 13/12/2022 18:00
To 13/12/2022 20:00


Meetup Agile and Lean transformations

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