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Help the team grow

Teams form easily: we like to work together. But we want more: we want the teams to become better, to become performing, to achieve impact, to be supportive of each other.

As a Teamgrowing coach, you can help your team through the forming - storming - norming - performing cycle. You provide them with tools that help improve themselves.

In other words, help the team grow and become stronger.

Supportive and positive

The single best predictor of team productivity, Google found, is psychological safety. An environment where people can speak freely and do not need to worry.

One aspect of safety is the feeling that the team members will support each other. When is the last time you gave a compliment to a fellow team member? This is what we encourage with the 'compliment shower': write something positive about your colleague team member on a paper on their backs.

Positivity is linked to the Broaden-Build effect: a mind in a positive drive finds more creative and better solutions than a brain under negative stress. That is why we focus on creating positivity in the teams.

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We will fill your backpack with ...

  • Find out what works (Solution-focused coaching, based on the book Coaching 3.0, part 2 NL by Sergio van der Pluim)
  • Estimating and prioritizing with stakeholders
    (Relative estimation and Weighted Shortest Job First prioritization according to SAFe®)
  • Avoid overloading your team(s)
    (Resource Utilization Trap and Lean Pull-principle simulation based on the Movie by Henrik Kniberg)
  • Delegate transparently (Delegation Poker from the book Management 3.0 by Jurgen Appelo)
  • Growth your team(s) (Based on Tuckman’s work)
  • Bring frustrations of teamwork to the surface (Based on Patrick Lencioni’s book The 5 Frustrations of Teamwork)

We also work on

  • Exchanging knowledge with participants from other organizations;
  • Facilitating and coaching teams (virtually);
  • The effect of positive coaching on TeamGrowing;
  • The Lean and Agile philosophy behind TeamGrowing;
  • Increasing ownership and employee participation;
  • Initiating and maintaining an improvement process led by the team(s).


From 17/02/2022 09:00
To 18/02/2022 17:00


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