Embrace the agile mindset

Be agile, do not just do agile

Agile started out in 2001 as a better way to develop software. But since then, agile has evolved and is becoming a much wider movement, first of new ways to develop products,, but now also a mentality to use when providing services.

In fact, it looks like the agile movement has, partly by accident, stumbled on some fundamental new insights. Work in small increments. Collaborate in multi-functional teams. Closely involve the customer. Set your own quality criteria. Focus on human contacts instead of on processes.

Add to it the insights from lean: limit Work in Process, focus on Flow in the ValueStream, observe in Gemba walks what happens where the work is done.

Before you know it, the new way of working has materialized. A healthy focus on the customer and on the well-being of the people doing the work. More collaboration and less Command and Control. Creating value instead of focusing on strict budget control.

And then it has become even more. Self-organizing teams, motivated knowledge workers, a network of collaborating teams. Hierarchy and Command and Control to be replaced by leadership and transparency and values. Moving away form optimizing the profit for the shareholders to long-term viability and value for society.

To be successful during this transformation, all involved must not only know what to do, but also how to behave from now on. Become agile, instead of doing agile. We help teams to become learning teams. We help organizations to become learning organizations.

That is why we are focusing on helping companies and organizations achieve the shift in mindset as well as adopt the new way of working.

This is our HOW. Now learn about our WHAT.