Measure your progress in agility

Realizing agility, particularly agility at scale, is a long process.

ADJUGO can help you measure where you are and prioritize your next steps.

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The journey

The agile transformation is a journey. You set out on it, expecting results such as faster time to market, higher customer satisfaction, a better work environment, more quality in your products. 

Agile is delivering that for you - but maybe not as much as you expected. The  journey, is complex, with many people on board and approaches and practices quite different from what you are used to.There are tensions, some teams still take longer than expected, your old governance model does not work any more and the new one does not yet inspire confidence.

Sounds familiar? Maybe this is the right time to take stock of where you are and what your next steps should be.

Locate where you are

There are two dimensions to your current location.

One is objective. What practices have you implemented, how mature are they, are you delivering higher quality products faster, are your teams multi-functional... A questionnaire can help, round-table discussions as well. Some teams may be further ahead, others are slower, some are less deeply involved.

And there is the subjective dimension. Are the team members aligned among themselves and are the teams aligned to the product vision? Do people feel they work together and are improving, or are tensions rising and burn-outs threatening?

In our approach we take both dimensions into account. We can help your teams and collaborators define what they want to keep and what needs to change to create a better and more constructive environment.

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Select your destination

Based on where you are, we can advise you and help you decide on the next steps you want to take. The problems you see may not be the ones you need to address first. A seemingly small problem 'upstream can cause major problems down the road.

That is where our experience may help you most. See the full picture, detect structural problems and suggest structural solutions, as well as help teams in setting their own goals and objectives.

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The road ahead

We again offer you the two dimensions: the objective advice on what you can improve, how to achieve the big picture, how to strengthen the organization. And the subjective side: how to help the teams carve a road ahead for themselves, growing the team to a performing team that sets and achieves goals.

We use both the SAFe Business Agility assessment model and solution oriented coaching in the context of TeamGrowing to achieve this alignment and describe the roadmap ahead.

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Rely on our experience.

We have a deep knowledge of lean-agile and the agile mindset of teams. We have seen many agile implementations and can give you practical advice. And let you discover for yourself...