Agile trainin g

We let you experience the agile processes and mindset and immerse you in an agile teaching environment. Your group will act as an agile team and learn by collaborating in interactive exercises. 


We abide by the Agile Manifesto: people and interactions over processes and tools.

We believe that participants want to discover what agility can bring to you. Scrum processes are easy enough, mastering the agile mindset is not. 

We engage you as inidivuals and as a group to discover agility with us. Because agile is primarily about engaging people.


Agility relies on teams and on collaboration. So we provide a collaborative learning environment.

We will do exercises together, in the entire group or in break-outs, exercises to build the team's capacity to work together, too. We will discuss results together. And we will do specific 

This approach will stimulate you to implement a similar way of working in your own organization. 

Inspiring and engaging

The focus of agile lies on creating business value.

We start by listening to your expectations. Our training consists of a backlog of training items and exercises. We can adapt and prioritize the backlog at the start of the training and anytime later. 

We will check with a happiness matrix what is going well and what we can improve. We engage you in tuning the training to provide the maximum of value to you.

Agile foundation and Scrum master basics

Agile becomes the new way of working, fast. Agile is the answer to pressing business needs: shorter time to market, easier to adjust priorities, more value created faster. Agile is also the answer to the way the new generation wants to work: connected, in small teams, with autonomy and self-governance. And agile implemented the right way creates an environment of trust and more creativity, less stress and fewer burn-outs.

In this two-day foundation class we like to see the whole team, or at least the team members that will become product owner or scrum master. We believe both roles should have the same basic understanding and should follow the training together, to start building the working relationship they both need.

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Agile Product Ownership

The product owner is part of the team. This we cover in the Agile Foundations class.

But the Product Owner also collaborates with people outside the team: business stakeholders, customer representatives, sales people, the marketing department. Because the P.O. needs to understand what is valuable for customer and company.

This training introoduces you to the new concepts: Design Thinking, Minimum Viable Product, Empathy Mapping, Customer journey... Understand Value, Cost of Delay, Release On Demand. Build metrics into your application, analyze the use of new features of your product, hypothesize, and prioritize your backlog in order to enable the team to build the most valuable items first and deliver them as needed..

SAFe training

For more insight in advanced agile, we recommend our different SAFe trainings. Even if you do not work in a SAFe environment.

SAFe brings not only insights in scaling agile, but also the integration of different modern lean and agile practices into a consistent whole. Agile Product Management, Lean Startup; Lean Portfolio Management and DevOps are major components of SAFe 5, with interesting and often excellent training modules to elaborate the topcs and their place in the big SAFe picture.


ADJUGO: learn the agile way.

We do not just teach agile, we breathe agility and make our classes an agile experience. In-company or public class, real life or virtual, always the same spirit...

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